All of us TWD fans can breath a huge sigh of relief, as AMC has officially confirmed that the juggernaut zombie series is already getting ready for season 8.

2010 was the first year of The Walking Dead, and at the time producers had no idea just how big the following would become. Following the massive acclaim for the adaptation of Robert Kirkman comics, the Frank Darabont run production was renewed for a second which would run for a 13-episode Season 2 and four more 16-episode seasons would follow with Scott Gimple taking the reigns as showrunner in 2013.

The series is now the highest rated on cable, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET and averaging over 12 million live viewers with each new hour, and has been AMC’s main money maker for the last several years.

Season 7 is set to kick off this October 23 (5 days) with anticipation at an all-time high for the AMC series. Comic conventions, tweets, comment sections, and conversations among friends have been plagued with the question of “Who did Negan kill?” for the past six months. There have been many “ideas/guesses” however no hard proof on who Lucille took out at the hand of Negan at the end of season 6. AMC has even gone so far as to fly in actors to the set and have them walk around in an appearance that they are still in the show, even though they may not be. This is due to the amount of photographers/spies trying to figure out who the hell died before the show airs.

A start date for Season 8 has yet to be revealed, but the series typically launches its new season in mid to late October each year.

The season 8 premier ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’ Oct 23rd will see the largest audience to date for the show, as some analysts put viewership at around 20-40 million dead fans.

Here is the latest teaser from AMC: