Pornhub Gets In On Brexit

Brexit seems to be all the rage right now and at Showbiz Spy we’re split between ‘they are destroying themselves by leaving’ to ‘they’re already their own county, let ’em leave if they want’.  Now if you are still hazy on the whole Brexit talk look no further than to John Oliver to hilariously put it in, well plain English.

But what may be the most hilarious bit to come out of Brexit is how Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson’s speech talking about the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister has been uploaded to Pornhub.  Which on it’s face (ha!) is not so funny maybe, but what is funny is the video has been titled “Dumb British Blonde Fucks 15 Million People At Once“.  The 15 million referring to the people who voted against the UK leaving the European Union.

Now that heads are rolling over this shakeup our thoughts here at Showbiz Spy are now what?  Now that the Pound is dropping like a, well, I guess like a pound of beef, and you have Scotland and Northern Ireland threatening to leave the UK to rejoin the EU, so who’s next?  Yep probably Texas