Real Housewives of Atlanta Celeb Peter Thomas Wanted For Questioning

This one could get messy as “RHOA” celebrity Peter Thomas is now wanted for questioning in a recent bar brawl at the Sports One bar that Peter and Cynthia Bailey own.

According to legal docs, Brandon Link is claiming that Peter attacked him during a business meeting after the talks went south. Brandon says: “He punched me in the stomach and then pushed me into a table injuring my damn leg to where I now have painful a limp.”

Peter on the other hand has a different story of what went down saying: “He got mad that I would not agree to terms of a private business deal and then while storming out of the bar cussing like a trucker he slipped on some ice outside of the bar causing his injury.”

Peter himself has been MIA but according to TMZ and police he is going to be served the summons in the next few days for questioning.

Peter is not new to scandal as he was accused of cheating a while back but claims it was a misunderstanding. Here is a clip explaining the situation on that issue: