These cartoons and their freaky premonitions are at it again! In the past, cartoons have referenced: 9/11, The Boston Marathon, voting glitches, Ebola, David Bowie and Adam Rickman’s deaths just to name a few. The Simpson’s have predicted quite a few things themselves. It’s usually not until after-the-fact that footage surfaces from years ago that seems to have eerily predicted an event. In this case though, the footage has surfaced BEFORE the event. Did the Simpson’s predict a Donald Trump presidency?! Could their Donald Trump prediction become real?!
21 Times the Simpson’s Bizarrely Predicted the Future.

Here at Showbiz Spy we heard rumors of a clip circulating from a Simpson’s episode in 2000. The clip shows Lisa Simpson in the Oval office referencing Donald Trump as the former President. We found the clip and have it for you below.

In the clip Lisa says: “As you know we’ve inherited quite a budget crisis from President Trump…”

One of the writers for the episode, Dan Greaney says that portraying Trump as President seemed far-fetched, almost like a warning to America, “[It] just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom.”

Back in 1999 Trump had announced he was going to run for President for the Reform Party. By the time the episode aired in 2000, Trump ended his presidential bid. By that time he had went on to take over American airwaves with his extremely popular TV show, “The Apprentice.” The show debuted and went quickly to the top with notable characters, cut-throat business tactics, and Trump’s tagline, “You’re Fired!” Perhaps the writers sensed that Trump would plan to run for president again. They were right; Trump continues to lead the Republican field of Presidential Candidates.

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