Every Walking Dead fan on the planet is supper geek’d for the new season to get here on what has now been confirmed of Feb 14th 2016.

In a new ad that we were sent you can see several pictures of the new season and those images have been broken down by thousands of sources. Here we will give you a quick run down of what is being said and also some inside information we have received exclusively.

Here is the ad that was sent to advertisers including ourselves:

Now from upper left to the bottom right.

Carol’s hand holding on to a crucifix… It is said that Carol and Father Gabriel will become close friends in the up and coming episode by several people. However our source that will not be name says that Gabriel dies and the crucifix was given to Carol with his last inspiring words going to her. That would make sense as there is no way in hell that Carol is going to “find god” as so many other have said, it is just not in her DNA.

Deanna back? In the picture you can clearly see Deanna by the necklaces, ring and watch… no longer a walker or ever was. Look for the return of Deanna for sure.

The nice little walled up town of Alexandria is done, no more will they have a comfy little town surrounded by the fence to keep them safe. You can see the town on fire behind the loner Morgan on horseback.

Satellite dish is said to be pictured to show that this season will be about finding other safe groups and that there will in fact be more groups like themselves looking to make contact.

The new scar under Rick’s eye. Everyone of our contacts have been very hush hush about the scar under his eye, but we were told by a reliable source that works on set that he can not say how or who gives Rick this scar but it is someone that you would never think of. Hmmmm Dammit just tell us! LOL

Finally Scott Gimple was recently quoted: “In the new world, they’ll find hope, possibility, tragedy and the terrifying cost of change.”

Here is the latest little teaser video provided by our friends at AMC:

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