As we all know by now the thing that “did it” for the reality celeb Farrah Abraham was of course her sex tape backdoor porno made with porn star James Dean. Now I do not understand how Vivid can keep labeling these videos as sex tapes, because let’s get real they are nothing more than a porn movie with a lower class celeb that then turns into a most talked about celeb. *cough* Kim Kardashian and her video that you can still download full and uncut today.

But now the teen mom star is acting as though she is truly tired of talking about the tape with anyone, including the attention hound producers of the Teen Mom reality show that have been very well known to try and stir s**t up. Need we remind you of the nip slip they let air last season.

Anyways, it goes down like this… while interviewing Farrah the producer brings up the sex tape and how “people need to get over it as it has been 3 years now” acting like he is trying to be helpful in the conversation. But we all know it was nothing more than a stab attempt to open the conversation that gains big ranking when ever the sex scandal is discussed on the show. Farrah then gets all kinds of pissed off and screams at the producer saying: “Neither I or my mom has brought that video up and of course hear you go trying to stir up s**t” and walks off the set.

Now, we kinda feel for Farrah because no matter what she does her sex tape will always be the one thing that she is remember for. However, it is not such a bad thing… look at Kim Kardashian with her tapes it all worked out just fine for her, right? LOL

Here is the Teen Mom OG Season 5 trailor where she tells producers to f**k off because she makes millions doing “other things” LOL You tell em girl!