[UPDATE 10/22/16] We have just received insider information from our spy within’ the camp that Negan will kill 2 of Ricks crew… *Drum-roll*… Abraham and Glenn. All we know is that Abraham gets it first and then Glenn also dies in the same episode. We do not have any other details other than the victims. We are hoping this info is not correct, but the source is very reliable. So it would seem that our previous post below, on what we thought was going to happen was spot on!

The official full length trailer for The Walking Dead season 7 has launched via the official YouTube channel, and fans of the blockbuster show from AMC are going even more nuts than ever!

Now as far as the spoiler goes, and who was the victim of the baseball bat wrapped in barbwire named “Lucille” by Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Let us just say that this is our own opinion on what will happen, after the cliffhanger left fans of the show jaw-dropped last season. AMC is very well known for being legal bullies, trying to sue anyone that even talks about who the victim may have been. But hey, we have great lawyers and do marketing for them already anyways, so [email protected] it here we go…

According to all the pictures from the filming of Season 7 There will be two victims. Part of the reason “The Walking Dead” producers have been so adamant about protecting Negan’s victim is they’ve apparently come up with quite the way to kick off Season 7. It looks like Negan will kill two members of Rick’s group with his trusty bat wrapped in barbwire named ‘Lucille’. Looking at the Spoiling Dead, both Steven Yeun who plays the lucky as hell ‘Glenn Rhee’ and Michael Cudlitz who plays the big ex-military man ‘Abraham Ford’ have been absent from filming since the cast and crew shot the first episode (there has not been a single sighting of them). This has led just about everyone to assume that not one, but both of them will be killed off in a huge season 7 kickoff. At this point, it seems like a near certainty we will be saying goodbye to Abraham and/or Glenn.

Who goes first, is anyone’s guess but, Abraham is a safe bet to die first during the Season 7 premiere, and here’s why: His comic book death was given to Denise on the TV series, meaning Abraham’s story would now have to be developed by the show-runners moving forward, something they’re probably not going to do. Negan bashing Abraham’s head in (Hence his quote at the end of season 6: “Wow! Taking it like a champ!”) would mortify viewers, but also fool them into thinking Glenn, who Negan kills in the comic, survives. But wait…That’s when Negan will turn his attention to Glenn, pulling one of the most shocking moves in TV history by killing the beloved character anyway. Glenn just had to go, he has been lucky on the show for the last time.

The producers will probably throw yet another derail into the mix when Norman Reedus who plays the bad ass biker Daryl Dixon tries to intervene in Negan’s fun, making us think the show’s most popular character is a goner. But that won’t be the case. Norman Reedus has been spotted as much as anyone filming scenes for Season 7. The latest speculation has Negan taking Daryl prisoner at the Saviors’ Sanctuary, where he and Dwight try to break Mr. Dixon by feeding him dog food sandwiches. At the filming location, Daryl has been seen damn near every day, so we are pretty sure season 7 will include a ton of action from Americans favorite biker bad ass.

Negan killing two of Rick’s best friends will be the most demoralizing thing he has ever faced and rest assured he will not just let what happens slide. The group may even be torn over the actions of their leader, which ultimately led to this. Rick played by Andrew Lincoln clearly underestimated the Saviors and that was a fatal mistake that kills some of the tight nit crew. This will have a huge effect on Maggie played by the beautiful Lauren Cohan, as she was sick with a dangerous temperature and pregnant at the time of the Negan home run lineup. She may blame Rick for Glenn’s death and the potential future loss of her baby. Once her physical drama ends, expect Maggie to become an emotional force of nature and take on more of a leadership role, as she does in the comic book series.

As, we stated before this is our thought of what is going down for season 7, after months of research into last seasons cliffhanger and pictures taken at the current filming locations.

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