Our spy insider in the AMC crew was spot on with the info provided to us of who would die in the season 7 premier, no matter how much wanted to not believe it. *cry*

Negan did in fact unleash his bat Lucille on Abraham and Glenn.

First killed was of course Abraham, because Negan said he always kills one person from every group he meets/takes over. However, after an outburst from Daryl in protection of Rosita being taunted by Negan, he decided to kill Glenn as well, as Negan wants to be obeyed at all times.

The scene was incredibly graphic and a bit long… Negan takes out Abraham first with a massive hit to the top of his head. After the first hit though Abraham is still alive and leans back up telling Negan to “suck his balls”. We loved it!

Glenn’s death on the other hand had viewers in tears… When Rick and Negan return from his “coming to Jesus” meeting with Negan, he was taunting Rosita to look at his bat, at which point Daryl jumps up and hits Negan square in the face. As punishment, Negan then kills Gleen with an massive uppercut to the head that left his eyeball popping out of his skull, while he struggled to talk with Maggie (his pregnant wife) and was extremely graphic.

There was also a point in the show where we thought Rick was going to cut off his sons arm that us screaming at the television. Luckily though, it was just a test to see if Rick would do it at the request of Negan.

The final scene shows Daryl getting thrown into the back of the van, and Negan tells those left alive from the Alexandria bunch that he will see them in a week back at the their compound to collect what is his.

Social media went crazy after the carnage:

AMC definitely accomplished what they set out to do… We are now hooked, and can hardly wait for next week to get here!