The rumors have been confirmed as Deadline reported, Star Trek Beyond that is set to hit the box office July 22nd 2016 is in the process of re-shooting a few scenes that will also now include the beautiful Emmy Award winning Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo AKA – Rosewater into the trek world. The actress has been cast as a top ranking member of the Federation High Command and it looks like the Enterprise’s third mission in the altered timeline is still on the course.

Shohreh is the first Iranian woman to ever be awarded an Emmy and is said to bring an austere presence to the Star Trek Beyond crew. Her recent work in The Expanse will begin production on its second season this coming April in Toronto with her playing U.N. Assistant Undersecretary of Executive Administration Chrisjen Avasarala. The reason for the recent re-shoots has not been cleared up yet by the big wigs, but her addition as a higher ranked character may indicate some slight tweaks to the script by Orci, Simon Pegg, Doug Jung, John D. Payne, and Patrick McKay.

Adding Aghdashloo as a ranking Federation character may indicate a minor change in direction for the films script. Or it could just be a sign that the producers in charge wanted to add some Emmy beefiness to a decision in the film that is likely related to Idris Elba’s alien villain, and the potential alien invasion of Earth seen in the trailer. How this all will affect the completed film and the future of the beloved Federation, and the lovely planet still remains to be seen. All we know is everything looks to be going according to plan (for the most part) thank goodness as there has been a lot of doubt from hardcore fans. We would also like to remind fans that it is normal practice in Hollywood to shoot, re-shoot, edit and re-shoot again it happens all the time, so relax, live long and prosper.

Here is the trailer for the upcoming film: