Step Brothers 2 Movie Rumors Are False Says Will Ferrell Rep

If you have been looking around online today there is a ton of rumors of Step Brothers 2 filming in Sacramento or Virginia and looking for extras in the new movie production. Well, sorry folks the rumor has been busted as not true. The rumors started with a Facebook account looking for extras in the movie and a url of that was said to be the official website of the new movie that is now being forwarded to Sony Pictures.

ShowbizSpy reached out to Will Ferrell’s rep and was told: “The rumors going around about Will filming or getting ready to film Step Brothers 2 are not true, at this time he is currently working on “Russ & Roger Go Beyond” and “The House”. There is no plans for a sequel or a ready script like some sources are reporting. The Facebook account and domain in question are also not affiliated with Sony Pictures in any way.”

This is indeed sad news as we are huge fans of the original Step Brothers movie and got completely geeked out when news of the sequel started trending.

This is not to say that the movie will not happen, it just seems as though Will is pretty booked for at least the next few years with other work.

Here is the original trailer for Step Brothers the movie:

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