Vin Diesel VS The Rock On Set Furious Fast 8 Fighting Is Getting Very Serious

It is well known now that Vin Diesel and The Rock have been bumping heads on the set of Fast 8 currently in production.

Now, insiders have told ShowbizSpy that there is much more to the story. Production assistant went on record saying: “Yes they are not getting along at all, and do everything they can to avoid and bully the each other. Vin is a bit of a control freak because he cares so much about the franchise, and The Rock is getting pissed that he is not open to suggestions from other cast and crew. Basically it is Vin’s way or the hwy, and that does not sit well with Dwayne as you would expect.”

There has also been public support for Vin on the other side with social media post of co stars, so not everyone feels that Vin is the boogie man on set.

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We simply see it as Vin may be a bit overly protective of the franchise he has put everything into, and at times when someone cares so much about something. They will not listen to others.

No word on if The Rock is going to be killed off or return for the sequel to Fast 8, but we are going to bet on no.