Walking Dead fans are pretty geeked as it was announced today that the season finale will be a full 90 minutes in length (including commercials) so viewers will get a full 45-60 minutes of legit showtime!

Our spies have been checking all corners of the rumor mill and can confirm that the title of the final episode is being said to be called “Last Day On Earth”.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero who directed the premiere, mid-season premiere and episode 12 will again take the rains for the final episode of season 6.

Spies are reporting that the comic book villain Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will be making his appearance well known. There has been talk that Glenn Rhee played by Steven Yeun will die at some point when Negan makes that appearance however we have not been able to confirm that as of yet and tips lead us to believe that it will not happen. In the comics, Glenn dies when Negan chooses him out of a lineup and bashes his head in with his baseball bat named Lucille. However, it is proven that the series does not stick to the comic book story line. Either way, we are sure that a prominent character will leave us during the finale.

As far as Glenn dying, we sure hope not, that man has been through so much hell and would cause so many tears from around the world. I mean think about it, after Ricks son Carl Grimes played by Chandler Riggs was shot in the eye even cast and crew cried watching the episode. So losing Glenn is not an option! You hear us Walkign Dead?… not an option!!! ;)