Last season of The Walking Dead was to many a complete bummer, however producers of this new season promise many twists and turns.

The Superbowl commercial was a huge hit, generating millions of discusions and excitement for the end of football, and back to business for Lucille! (pun intended)

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The biggest disappointment of last season was Rick being portrayed as Negans little bitch.

Now though, Rick will be trying to pull all the clans together to take on the entire “We are Negan” crew, a very dangerous task indeed. We have also been told that at some point this season “Rick will lose 1 more character this season that is extremely close to him, our Walking Dead world will be very devastated/upset”.

Spoiler Alert:

According to sources character Jesus will introduce Rick to the Kingdom. As the first meeting with King Ezekiel will be quite unsettling for the survivors, addressing Ezekiel as King Ezekiel, and all the little rituals around His Majesty, but of course Shiva’s appearance will be the highlight of the meeting. And here are some teasers about “Rock in the Road”:

  • Abraham, Glenn, Olivia and Spencer’s deaths will be mentioned, along with the other horrors Negan and his men have done to Rick’s group.
  • Eunid will have a surprise for the group.
  • Carol will be seen, outside of her house for once. What could she be up to?
  • There will be disagreement about Rick’s plan, and someone might have an alternative plan.
  • As seen in the sneak peek, there will be a blocked road and also some dynamite! Will The Walking Dead pull off a Lost ? Dynamite is dangerous and can be unstable, but also it can be a handy and powerful weapon, especially if you’re getting ready for a war.
  • Gregory will have a new way to call Maggie. For once, it won’t be sexist.
  • Someone will make the King proud, while another one will disappoint him.
  • Fat Joe’s death will be mentioned and called “a tragedy”.
  • A rhetorical question will be answered, which will piss off the one who asks it.
  • Finally there will be some epic walker moment. I have been missing the walkers this season, but there will be one great scene with them in “Rock in the Road”. And as usual, The Walking Dead has found a new fun and disgusting way to get rid of the zombies.
  • An Alexandrian will make a drastic and surprising decision, that will leave the rest of the community shocked and intrigued.
  • Daryl will get an offer he won’t like.
  • Rosita will still be quite angry, probably from missing Negan with her gun and getting Olivia killed as payback. And she will express her anger.
  • More than one character will ask about Carol.
  • The episode’s title is a direct reference to a story told by one of the characters’ mother.
    “Rock in the Road” will end on one character smiling, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be a happy moment.