Insiders at Warner Bros. studios are telling us that contrary to popular belief, a deal has already been made for the rights to make a movie out of the most recent J.K. Rowling play, ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child‘. To make things even more interesting, our source is saying that Daniel Radcliffe is in fact going to be in the film, even though he has said in the past, that he does not want to do anymore Harry Potter films, and has been focusing his time on other roles to try and shed the Harry Potter character.

Back in March, author J.K. Rowling shot down rumors that a movie adaptation of her new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was happening, but that seems to not be true anymore. The latest book, #8 in the Harry Potter juggernaut, was conceived specifically for the big live stage, with this new play debuting earlier this summer in London’s West End.

The New York Daily News has also got their sources confirming inside information about the films future, saying: “Warner Bros. has been secretly working on getting the movie rights and a screenplay settled, and of course in their minds only one man should be Harry. However he has made it clear that his mind is certainly not focused on returning to the role anytime soon – and that could be until he hits 40. Daniel had that job for over a decade with huge success and critical acclaim, but since then he has really established himself as a very strong actor with films like ‘The Woman in Black’ and his Broadway work. He doesn’t need to go back for money or to reboot his career, so he will need some persuading.”

Our source is also telling us that their will be 2 movies total, that would finally put an end to the Harry Potter series for good, and that the amount offered to Daniel for his time in the movies will make him the highest paid actor ever per film. We are also told that this will be a record that will stand for a very long time and yes, Emma Watson and the rest of the cast will also be in the last of the films.

[UPDATE] – We have also found out that Warner Bros. has also most recently (July 8th) very quietly filed for a trademark for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. The weird thing is that pretty much every single other trademark filed for The Cursed Child, has been done by J.K. Rowling herself, which leads to even more speculation that our insider in the studio may be spot on again.