With the return of Game Of Thrones season 6, many have been scrambeling, trying to figure out how to watch the series for free in real time.

The most frustrating part of the mega hit series Game Of Thrones is, if you do not subscribe to HBO you need to wait to watch the latest episodes. In the meantime, you have to dodge all the spoiler alerts and go into hiding until you can watch for yourself. Well, we have looked around for days now and found your only option to watch the show for free.

HBO is Now is offering a free trial to all users that sign up at their website. You can then cancel before the billing starts, and then simply sign up again using different details…

Here is the exact rules on the free HBO trial:

When and how much will I be charged?

Once your free trial period is over (typically a month), you’ll be charged monthly by your subscription provider. You pay for your subscription in advance of the covered month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You pay for your subscription monthly in advance of the covered month. You must cancel your subscription before it renews, in order to avoid being charged for the next month.

We have tested the theory and it really does work. You can sign up now and get 30days for free with some sort of reload credit card and email. This will then allow you to watch the first 4 episodes, and after that you can simply cancel your subscription before the billing goes through. Then, rinse and repeat with a different reload card and email. Fun huh?!

Some are reporting that you can cancel your service under your original account, credit card and email. Then cancel before the billing, and do it again with the same account, card and email. This is not true, you have to basically create an entire new account for this process to work each month.

So, go get your reload credit cards from any store like Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max etc., and register a few emails with Google and you are set for the entire season for free, or until HBO Now stops the free trial. But we don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Here is the most recent trailer for the new season *SO EXCITED!*: