WATCH: X-Men Apocalypse Superbowl Trailer Geeks Fans Out!

Not that we were not already totally geeked about the new X-Men Apocalypse movie set to be in theaters May 27th from the first trailer they released a month ago. Now they went and promoted the second trailer on Superbowl Sunday night during the Denver/Carolina game and the hype went viral lightning fast.

Cinemablend has a great breakdown of the up and coming blockbuster but we will give you the quick run down.

X-Men Days of Future Past‘ was said to have taken place in the 70s, but ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ will be leaping ahead an entire decade set in 1983 according to writer/producer Simon Kinberg. Bryan Singer and his team are including younger versions of characters like Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm in the narrative. The film will basically be about the end of the human race, rise of the mutant empire lead by Apocalypse who is said to be the very first mutant ever with 100% invincibility and can grant other mutants more powers. DAMN!

Showbiz Spy put in a call to Simon Kinberg and got the following comments: “This will be one of the most action packed X-Men with some of the best CGI animation you have ever seen, I am serious we put a lot into the making of this film. The Apocalypse character made so much sense to bring in this latest movie and with him being invincible there will be a few questions left at the end of the film, but I can’t tell you anymore than that on him.” We then asked how fans will react to no Hugh Jackman Wolverine: “The Wolverine situation will come to light in this latest movie and you will understand what we have in store by the end of the film.” Dammit, we want to know now as there is rumors of the end of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine character for good which we think sucks but would be a good move for Fox understandably.

All we know is bring it on we are totally geeked for this movie for sure that will hit theaters May 27, 2016!

Here is the trailer #1

Here is trailer #2