RIP – “Can You Hear Us, Major Tom?”

Gone too soon is another music, style, fashion and movie icon today in the passing of David Robert Jones, known to the world as David Bowie.

A true artist, philanthropist, writer, performer (the list goes on), Bowie will be immortal in his art.

Arguably, known best for personalities such as “The Thin White Duke”, androgynous character “Iggy Stardust” or “Jareth-The Goblin King” from the 1986 cult classic movie “The Labyrinth”, he was born & raised in South London in 1947.

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Photo quote: featured in “The Breakfast Club”

His first hit single “Space Oddity” reached the top five on the UK Singles Chart in 1969. Through the years, Bowie would have other hits such as “Fame”, “Rebel, Rebel”, “The man who sold the world”, “Heroes”, and “Let’s Dance” just to name a few in his vast library. Constantly evolving, inventing and reinventing himself into his many imaginative characters, his music and acting career has literally spanned decades.

Our “Starman” lost his battle with an 18-month battle against cancer on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

Play it loud today, Bowie fans!


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