AC/DC Lead Singer Brian Johnson: Retired, Replaced, or Kicked to the Curb?!

AC/DC announced on 3/7/16 that they were rescheduling upcoming US Tour dates. A tweet posted by the band led to a press release on the band’s website. The press release stated that singer Brian Johnson, 67, had been advised by doctors to discontinue touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. The release goes on to say that the postponed dates will be made up later in the year, likely with a guest vocalist.

Now here’s where things get crazy. On Monday, comedian Jim Breuer (Mets Super fan, actor in “Half-Baked”) went on his podcast “Jim Breuer’s The Metal in Me” and discussed hanging out his Johnson. He said the singer seemed sad about the situation. He then went on to tell a story based on his conversation with Johnson. Johnson had recently gone to the hearing doctor, and was told he had lost several decibels of hearing in just 7 weeks of touring. The Dr. told him to make his own decision but he didn’t want to sign off on him doing more touring. Worst case scenario, Johnson would lose his hearing completely.

Shortly after the appointment, Johnson called the band and let them know what the Dr. had said. Johnson never told the band he wanted to cancel the tour but by the next day the luggage he travels with showed up at his door! He told them he wanted to figure things out regarding the tour because he didn’t think it was as bad as the Dr. thought. Johnson said he had a conversation with Angus Young and let him know he wasn’t sure if he could do every show but he wanted to plan what he could. Young only mumbled and that was the extent of their conversation. The next day news about the tour postponement hit the web. The band didn’t even call Johnson to let him know it was going to be in the press! Talk about a dirty deed!

Though Johnson was upset, Breuer went on to say that as the two ended their conversation Johnson joked about wanting to try stand-up comedy. This may be a tongue-in-cheek joke as Breuer has a famous bit about AC/DC singing the Hokey Pokey.

Earlier today, Breuer took to his Facebook to defend his story and say that he was just retelling a story from his point of view and may have embellished a bit. After posting to Facebook and Twitter the comedian posted a video even further explaining his story. We’re not sure why he’s releasing so many statements unless he’s been contacted by the legal team of AC/DC. True fans would want to know what’s going on with the band and appreciate Breuer giving them some insight into the story.

We’ll continue to follow this story and provide updates. More than likely, the band will be releasing a statement in response to the accusations soon. Stay tuned, Spies.

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