Proclaimed son of God Kanye West recently went on Big Boy Tv talking about a lot of the recent news from his new album to the Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa feud.

When asked about his album going through like 10 different name changes they asked if he has settled on one yet and Kanye says “not yet we are still trying to decide”. He goes on to say that this album is a 3 year in the making gift and gods dream to the people.

Then he is asked about the feud with Wiz Khalifa and he says the beef has been put under the rug after a phone call with Wiz and says he got so upset because of his wife’s name being mentioned in some of the tweets. Kanye says: “It was great to just talk and be real.”

Showbiz Spy reached out to Wiz asking about the beef and the rumor of him playing Kim K’s sex tape that you can watch in full here, at his concert and he was quoted as saying: “Man we have squashed that s#$t, it ain’t nothing more than a misunderstanding and again I want to make sure ya’ll know and report the correct facts that I did not show his wife’s sex tape on any screen at my concert and would not do some s$%t like that. I only talked a little s%^t on him and that was all. But we have talked on the phone and worked it all out. We good now.” Thanks Wiz, you da man!

Then the highly anticipated question of the picture that blew up Twitter of his wife Kim Kardashian and his ex Amber Rose that was posted and he starts laughing saying yeah that s#$t was real and they was at Chris’s house. This topic was only disused very shortly and we at Showbiz Spy are going to stick to our guns when we said the reason they are playing nice and that Kanye was the one that put out the olive branch is simply because Kanye is scared of the Amber Rose porno video that she said she has of Kanye. Possibly, even including footage of anal play like Amber Rose said on Twitter about Kanye missing her playing with his booty hole. I mean let’s be real here, Amber Rose basically calls Kanye out for booty play and KANYE WEST does not retaliate but instead talks about being friends?! Come on ya’ll it is right there staring us all in the face, Amber has been telling the truth since day one. lol

Here is the audio interview with Kanye from Big Boy TV: