Beyonce seems she has had enough of the tabloid very well known for making sh*t up MediaTakeOut or better known as MediaFakeOut, after the tabloid again posted false claims that her booty has implants now.

MediaTakeOut claimed: “Beyonce Unveils Her New BUTT ENHANCEMENTS Last Night At Her TIDAL CONCERT!! (Are You DISAPPOINTED… That She Got Her BUTT DONE??” They go on to say: “Beyonce was one of the LAST celebrity hold-outs, who refused to get her butt surgically enhanced. She appears to have finally GIVEN IN to the pressure.”

However, ShowbizSpy has spoke with those close to Beyonce and here is what they are telling us: “The site should be shut down (MediaTakeOut), have they ever reported anything factually, ever? Why on earth the public still goes to their site is dumbfounding to us. We hope that Kim Kardashian goes all out in her suit against them, and ends up owning the domain or something. That would be nice.”

Mentioning Kim Kardashian with MediaTakeOut is due to the recent well known lawsuit that Kim filed against the tabloid, for reporting completely made up false reports they claimed as fact with the Kim K robbery in France. A stunt that they later apologized to Kim personally for. No word on if Kim is still pursuing, though we have made some calls to find out.

We asked if Beyonce is contemplating a lawsuit against MTO for false claims, and they tell us: “If we filed a lawsuit every time a tabloid just made sh*t up, our attorneys would be working 24/7 365. We just hope that the public is aware enough to recognize a site that tries their best to fact check vs one that makes up their own facts. You know what we mean?” Yes, we know exactly what you are talking about.