Cash Money guru Birdman has had all he can take of Lil Wayne punking him on stage, and is telling ShowbizSpy that Weezy’s the one holding the master recordings for Tha Carter V. Saying specifically: “He’s being a little punk ass bitch talking about retiring, he just wants to squeeze more money for work he has already been paid for, nothing more, nothing less. I mean lets not get it twisted, I paid him up front, paid all the recording fee’s and attorney fee’s. I have paid for everything, and his ass is holding the work I paid for hostage. Doesn’t that sound like a little bitch to you?!”

The entire problem here is that Tha Carter V album is in Weezy’s hands, no one else has a copy of the work. He is supposed to provide it to Cash Money per contract agreement for the work done at the time. Weezy though feels the album is worth much more than what Birdman (founder of Lil Wayne) is willing to chip in.

Weezy is looking for an upfront cash payment of $15-20M plus earning percentage profits for the rights to his currently hidden album, that is said to be off the chains good stuff from those that have heard it.

Birdman and Weezy have been constantly fighting over money/deals for years now, and Lil Wayne just wants out of the Cash Money business as Kanye West has showed HUGE interest in pulling him into his stable of artists, and is promising him the world.

There is no telling how this will play out for sure, but if we had to guess… Weezy will probably get around $5-10M upfront payment, and profit sharing percentage of around 5-10% for the album and cut ties with Birdman, opting to go with Kanye West for future developments.

This is just our guess though, only time and lawsuits will tell.

Here is a recent video of Drake bringing out Weezy on stage, and they both let the concert goers know how they feel about Birdman and Cash Money Records: