Celine Dion Surrounded By Death Of Loved Ones

Oh jeez… just when you think it could not get any worse after losing her long time husband/manager Rene Angelil at 73 to cancer, Celine now has one of her brothers set to go at anytime now.

Husband René Angélil Dies of Cancer
Brother Daniel Dies Of Cancer

Daniel age 59, is one of her 13 siblings and has terminal cancer of the throat, tongue, and brain. He is currently in Montreal without Celine at his bedside for now and our sources are saying that at this time she does not plan on making the trip due to the devastating loss of her husband yesterday.

Hmmm, we know she just lost her husband and all but this is one of her brothers we are talking about here, a blood relative and believe she should get her ass on her private jet and get out there for support.

At this time her management team has said that she will not perform in Las Vegas until after Feb of this year at the very soonest.

Our deepest thoughts go out to Celine and her family.