Chanel West Coast Arrested For Fighting

Young Money rapper and MTV’s “Ridiculousness” celeb Chanel West Coast was arrested at 1 OAK nightclub Tuesday for allegedly beating on people and even punching and kicking a security guard after she got booted from inside the club.

It all went down after calls where made about an unruly drunk patron that kept going around asking everyone if “they knew who she was”… even when the police showed up to control the situation she tried kicking their asses as well using the “I am a celebrity card” that is over used in Hollywood.

Funny thing was the cop was going to let her go even after she threw a few kicks at him, but then she went a swung a punch at the cop and that was that… off to jail with ya.

UPDATE – The charges of assaulting an officer where not even filed by the officer, but now she may pull a total douchebag card as she has bruses from the night and may try to file charges against the arresting officers.

Here a video from Complex that helps explain the arrest and shows video taken from the scene.

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