Demi Lovato Is Loving The Single Life After Breakup With Wilmer Valderrama

Demi as we all know has never been one to be shy. However after her breakup from Wilmer Valderrama, she seems to have been going buck wild at parties and posting nude pics of herself all over the web.

Scared of what I might say Cause I’m at the edge #BodySay

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If I had it my way I would turn you out #BodySay

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If I had it my way I would take you down #BodySay

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When Wilmer was asked about how he’s doing, he rplied: “I’m good, very good. It’s been a great summer for work. I’ve done some incredible things. This year has become a really interesting journey already,” he added. “To be signed onto something so incredible like NCIS and have a couple of movies in the works and producing all the other stuff that I’m doing…is so fun. So far this year has been explosive and fun.”

Demi obviously is doing great, however she still has all those recent sex tape rumors hanging over her head. But as the past has taught us about Demi, she could give a shit either way. We love her attitude!

Here is the video of her most recent single celebration captured by TMZ: