Drummer Rikki Rockett Says Ex-Wife Melanie Rockett Will Not Get Anymore Than The Prenup Demands

Poison’s well known drummer Rikki Rockett filed for divorce from his wife last year, and the couple have officially separated ways. Now though, Melanie Martel Rockett is saying she needs more alimony, because she can not afford to live on her own with their two kids, and that she signed the prenup under duress.

Rikki and people said to be around the couple before they got married, are saying that Melanie is full of it, and only trying to extort more money out of Rikki.

Friend of the couple, Kelly that was there during the signing of the prenup is saying that Melanie was not under duress in any way and joking about the entire thing.

Melanie has got a nice little amount already, and also currently gets a hefty amount of child support for their two children.

Rikki has also said, that he has dished out money “here and there” for other “needs” she has mentioned without a fight, and that she is only trying to mooch off the drummers bankroll.

A Judge will decide how this goes, however our attorneys are telling us she has no chance, unless she can prove without a doubt that she was pressured into signing the documents.

Here is some video of what made Rikki such a rich and famous man doing his thing with the sticks: