[UPDATE] – Our spies were spot on correct before anyone yet again… however we were unsure what drug had the opioid in it. TMZ has just reported that it was not heroin, but a Percocet overdose. Even though our favorite artist is gone, it is good to know that it was not heroin. Authorities, are still looking into his exact cause of death, and that information will be available in the next couple of weeks after toxicology reports come in.

We have just received confirmation from one of the first responders, when Prince made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. The source told our spies: “He was 100% treated for an opioid overdose with a save shot and when he got to the hospital, went against Dr. orders and left.” As we had previously reported the day he made the emergency landing, a nurse at the hospital in Moline said that Prince left against Dr. orders.

Everything unfortunately lines up with what our spies are telling us.

The plane was only 20 – 30 mins away from his home base so there would be no reason, if in fact it was just the flu, for there to be an emergency landing. Then there is the entire going right back to work issue … If you have influenza so bad that you need to make an emergency landing, there is no way possible that you would then throw a party shortly thereafter. Those close to the music icon are also saying that he looked and sounded perfectly fine, “We just don’t understand”.

Authorities in Minnesota are now trying to get the medical records released to try and put this puzzle together.

Now, for the record, Showbizspy is not stating that heroin is what killed Prince. However, it’s our fear that the drug may have claimed another iconic victim.

The CDC has reported that opiods “heroin” deaths are still on a steady rise, and in 2015 there were over 65,000 deaths in the US attributed to the euphoric drug.

We will continue to update you with any new developments as they come in.