Frank Ocean’s 2019 Recap

Frank Ocean was, is, and always will be maybe the most elusive man in modern music, however he’s recently been making some waves in the scene over the past year. Here’s a breakdown on what Frank’s been up to since the start of 2019.

January was full of lowkey Frank appearances, most notably covering for GQ Magazine’s Music Issue, and then promptly roaming the streets throughout Paris Fashion Week.

February Frank reissued his own magazine, “Boys Don’t Cry” to usher in the two year anniversary of Blonded Radio launching. The estimated 5,500 reissued magazines on top of another 5,100 issues sold out entirely in less than 24 hours upon release.

Jumping forward to April, Frank covers Gayletter Magazine’s tenth publication and is interviewed on a variety of topics from music collaborations to deleting his own twitter account. 

After a quiet summer, Frank reigns in the change of seasons by covering for W Magazine in September, offering a deep cut interview subtly mentioning his arisen interest in the nightclub scene. Seemingly foreshadowing what he has planned for the remainder of the year.

October dawned a new leaf for Frank Ocean, dropping new merchandise, promoting both the Blonded brand, along with his new “PrEP+” nightclub endeavors, and releasing the very long awaited new single “DHL” all within one weekend. 

Shortly after the surprise release of “DHL,” Frank Ocean surprises us again with another new single “In My Room.” A very promising glimpse into Ocean’s next upcoming music project, which is expected to be released sometime by the end of the year, but with Frank all we can do is sit back and patiently respect the process.

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