As we previously reported last month, The Game has spread his man seed through the Kardashian sisters as well as half of the women in LA, and now also confirms soon to be Kardashian… Blac Chyna was also a victim in the bedroom. According to Game he did not sleep with Kourtney as we had previously heard, but in fact did bang Kim Kardashian and Khloe for sure.

It all went down on The Wendy Williams Show and Wendy pressed for more sexual info with the Kardashians at which point The Game replied: “You know what? I’ll tell you this, Kanye is a really good friend of mine and they got really, really beautiful kids and I don’t want to disrespect their family.”

Reports in the Kardashian/Kanye crew are telling us that Kanye is not happy with the confession at all. Telling members of his entourage after hearing about the interview: “F$%k that ni**a and hoe” was he calling his wife a hoe?!

Rob Kardashian was also super pissed off, after hearing about Blac Chyna having sex with The Game. According to our spies he was “furious” because there was a ton of times that they all hung out together, and Blac never told Rob that she had slept with The Game many many times.

Rob Kardashian though he still tells people that he loves Blac Chyna, has addressed his concerns with her sexual past with his sisters. There is also rumors being reported on that Rob is going to ask for a paternity test, after Chyna gives birth to what she is saying is his child. Someone seems to be a bit unsure of the relationship now it would see. There is also reports that Rob caught Blac sexting with someone on her cell phone recently.

There is also of course the Blac Chyna sex tapes with Tyga, that have only fuels Rob’s mind that he impregnated someone with a ton of skeletons in her closet. We have to say, what the hell did you expect man?

So there is obviously a lot of jealousy right now in the Kardashian/Kayne/Chyna crew, all because The Game was banging all the women with his HUGE, well known bulge that he loves to flaunt on social media outlets like his Instagram:

The Game was also said to have recently released a naughty video with Nicki Minaj via social media to get back at Meek Mill, whom he is beefing with right now hard core.

As you can see, there is BIG reason for Kanye West and Rob Kardashian to be a bit on the jealous side. OUCH!

Here is The Game talking about his sexual shenanigans with the Kardashian sisters: