Well it looks like all the rumors came true yet again after The Game (Jayceon Terrell Taylor) rapped on his most recent track “Sauce” that he “Fu^$ed 3 Kardashian sisters”.

If you are curious about the order, our spies have found that out as well… Kim Kardashian was first to receive the Game’s known giant manhood back around the time she was messing with Ray J, and made the famous Kim K Superstar sex tape. Next was Khloe, Khloe and the game have been very close for over 15 years. Last, and most recently was Kourtney Kardashian shortly after her public break up with Scott Disick.

The move on the track mentioning that he had sex with all of the Kardashian sisters seems to be right out of the Kanye lyrics playbook, discussing sexual encounters. However our spies have heard that Kanye is not the least bit amused, and after finding out that The Game has also tagged his wife, he went on a rant, even calling Kim a whore. We are still looking into what exactly happened, but there appears to have been a huge fight in the Kardashian/Kanye household according to one of their workers. We are looking into this more, and have a recording on the way of Kanye going off on Kim that we will be sharing shortly.

The Game also publicly commented on his rap, since the lyrics went so viral, saying: “I have the utmost respect for the Kardashian family, I was just keeping it real.” Awesome!