Today we wish Dave Grohl a Happy 47th Birthday, but we think these Ethiopian kids did it better!

Peace Corps volunteer Matt Westerberg uses fun and innovative ways to help his Ethiopian students at Yechila Secondary School practice their English, a skill necessary for attaining a college education. In this installment, the kids pay tribute to legendary drummer, Dave Grohl’s birthday with the Nirvana anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

The video closes out as the camera pans to the blackboard, which displays “I’m so happy, ’cause today I found my friends,” a line from the Nirvana song “Lithium.” In the final scene, a kid walks away from the board having just finished writing, “Happy birthday Dave!” with the x-eyes happy face, a 90’s icon, that has become synonymous with the band’s name.

It’s a testament of how far-reaching musical influence can truly be! Thank you for your influence Mr. Grohl, wishing you all the best on your day!

Video via youtube.