We just want to shout out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our boy Eminem that had his 44th B-Day yesterday!

Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that he opened several doors to people of all race/religion in the rap game worldwide.

To celebrate this day of birth for Marshall… Here is a fun fact for each year he has been on this planet.

1. Eminem’s mother sued him for defamation because of the line “My mother does more dope than I do” in His single ‘My Name Is’.

2. The only book he has read in full is LL Cool J’s ‘I Make My Own Rules’.

3. He was shot while walking to Kim’s house as a teenager.

4. When Eminem wanted to get clean he called Elton John who then helped him for 18 months to kick his addiction to Vicodin, Ambien and other prescription drugs.

5. Eminem’s album ‘Recovery’ was the best selling album of 2010 worldwide.

6. ‘The Eminem Show’ was the best selling album od 2002.

7. Eminem had two of his albums in the top five highest selling albums in 2000.

8. Universal and Interscope originally wanted the track ‘Cleanin Out My Closet’ as the theme for 8 Mile. However Eminem disagreed with this decision and made ‘Lose Yourself’ the main track.

9. When he was a baby his relatives called him Mickey because he had big ears.

10. If you want to be signed to ‘Shady Records’, you have to battle Eminem.

11. Eminem made it to 3rd place on NME‘s ‘Cool List’ in the November 2004 issue.

12. Eminem winning 2nd place at the 1997 Rap Olympics caught the attention of Dr Dre from Aftermath Entertainment and Jimmy Lovine from Interscope Records.

13. Eminem failed the ninth grade a total of 3 times before dropping out.

14. Eminem paid $100,000 to settle alleged assault charges to John Guerra after he kissed Eminem’s then wife Kimberley.

15. ‘Shade 45’ is the name of Eminem’s radio station.

16. It took him 30 seconds to write the hook for ‘Just Lose It’.

17. Eminem’s high school bully filed the rapper a $1million law suit as he claimed ‘Brain Damage’ (one of Eminem’s singles) hurt his reputation. A Michigan appeals court dismissed DeAngelo Bailey’s legal action.

18. The Marshall Mathers LP became the fastest selling solo album in the US history.

19. Eminem claims he had a relationship with Mariah Carey back in 2001. But she denies it.

20. Eminem refused to sing at the Oscars because they wanted him to sing the clean version of ‘Lose Yourself’.

21. Eminem is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most successive US number 1 albums by a solo artist.

22. Eminem has won 13 Grammys in total.

23. Em has an extensive comic book collection and he was also in a comic called Eminem/Punisher: Kill You.

24. Eminem used to study the dictionary so he could expand on his lyrics.

25. There is an Eminem inspired portrait made out of M&Ms by Florida artist Enrique Ramos.

26. Eminem was bullied when he was younger because he was small.

27. He has previously taken up to 60 valium and 30 vicodin pills a day. Overdosing several times.

28. Amsterdam was the original title for the Album ‘The Marshal Mathers LP’ because he wrote a lot of the album there and some of it was inspired by Dutch journalists.

29. The character ‘Slim Shady’ was conjured up buy Eminem on whilst he was on the toilet.

30. Eminem did all the three verses of ‘Lose Yourself’ in one take.

31. Eminem has been falsely reported dead by a car crash four times.

32. Taylor Swift has recently claimed she wants to collaborate with Eminem as she is a “big hip hop fan”.

33. Andy Murray has said that he has listens to Eminem ‘You’re Never Over’ as well as Ed Sheeran and Robin Thicke before going playing in championships.

34. Back in 2011, ‘The Fighter’ producer David Hoberman revealed to the LA Times that the lead role of Micky Ward, eventually given to Mark Wahlberg, was actually first written for Eminem during the development process.

35. Eminem has allegedly secretly dated music marketer Marissa Cirillo and it is rumoured that the Brittany Murphy character in his hit movie “8 mile”, was actually based on his relationship with Marissa, not Kim Mathers.

36. Eminem’s new track ‘Survival’ features in the trailer for the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts.

37. Both Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean are rumoured to appear on Eminem’s next album while comedian Chris Rock also suggested that he will feature.

38. Eminem was supposed to take the lead role in the new film ‘Elysium’ due out this year. Instead Matt Damon took the role as Eminem only wanted the role if the movie was filmed in Detroit; his hometown.

39. Eminem has been targeted in Snoop Dog, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s songs in the past and supposedly has ‘subliminal beef’ with all three rappers for a long period of time.

40. Eminem can’t stand a man who hits a woman, it is a major pet peeve.

41. Petshop Boy Neil Tennant has a crush on Eminem. Though Eminem is cool with being gay, he said there is no chance.

42. When Eminem was 9, he was beaten so badly as a kid that he went into a coma for over a week.

43. Eminem used to have a problem with people staring at him on and off stage.

44. He loves to manscape!


You are welcome dog ;)

Well there you have it, some fun facts about the birthday boy… Still have questions? Well, hmm, ok, here is the video that put him on the map:

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