Everyone knows by now that Iggy Azalea and French Montana have been hooking up, the pictures are very clear about that. The only thing that was not clear is to where the relationship laid (pun intended).

Our spies originally broke the news that her ex Nick Young was having sex with other girls while Iggy was away working, information we found out through a very elite local call girl. Now those same spies are telling us that Iggy has definitely fallen for French, telling some of her closet friends that the time they have spent together has been very “pleasing”.

So it would seem that Iggy, despite her past and current issues with Nick and Hefe (Iggy’s sex tapes) is trying to move forward and get an entire new relationship going.

We say good for her, she is a good chick and we know for a fact that she is one of the nicest celebs in the industry, so French would be a complete idiot to not pursue the relationship more and just let the women he has on the side like Alexandra Ferreira and Sanaa Lathan go.

Iggy has been jet setting around all over the place with French, even just recently posting this pic of the hot new “couple” kicking it celeb style.


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To note, there has been others around pretty much everywhere the couple has been, but as we all know any new celebrity relationship, there is always distance for the cameras at first. The they go all Drake & Rihanna on us! LOL