Is Kanye Starting A Religious Retreat In Wyoming?

Earlier in the year Kanye West purchased a considerable amount of land in the state of Wyoming, and by considerable we mean $14 million dollars worth of acres. The ranch is dubbed the “Monster Lake Ranch” just 75 miles from Yellowstone National park. According to TMZ Kanye didn’t purchase the ranch outright, so the total sum of money is still uncertain. 

“Monster Lake” spans hundreds of acres with a reminaciant backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery, such from the “Ye” album cover. The area includes a restaurant, saloon, a rustic event venue, a maintenance shop, even an office building. The ranch of course also features horse barns, corrals, sheds, storage facilities, and western style shooting range.

The ranch was originally listed as six different specific areas, it’s unclear if Kanye bought certain parcels or the ranch in its entirety. In an interview with Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Fallon she stated; “We love Wyoming; it’s always been such an amazing place. My husband did just buy a ranch there. His dream and his vision is to move there. I love LA, so I envision summers; I envision some weekends. But yeah, we love it.” 

So why did Kanye purchase the property? Well the ranch’s original listing says that Wyoming is “a top-tier, tax-friendly state for land ownership and business.” Could it be a sanctuary for Kanye’s money, or is it an accessory to his new era “JESUS IS KING” devoutness?

Before the release of Kanye’s latest album dubbed “JESUS IS KING” he held events properly titled “Sunday Service” which essentially was hundreds of people engaging with Kanye, featuring choirs, instruments, specials guests, etc. The scenery was odd to say the least; labeling it as “cultish” is quite frankly an insult to Kanye, years ago that all would’ve made sense. In the days of “Yeezus” if someone told us Kanye started a cult we wouldn’t have bat an eye. Yet there seems to be more underlying significance with what Kanye is trying to achieve.

Could the ranch be a symbol of freedom, either monetary or religiously? Was Kanye a step ahead of the era of social distancing? Or did he just want a beautiful vacation spot? We wish we could tell, but at the end of the day Kanye is Kanye. 

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