So as we all know by now Jennifer Lopez has some very steamy tapes filmed by her ex hubby Ojai Noa in 1997 during the couples honeymoon. In total he is saying that there is almost 4 hours of video that shows Jennifer being very “nasty” with even solo masturbation scenes. Yahtzee!

Court documents show that Jennifer has been trying to block the release of the videos for the last 5 years as Ojai has been trying to get them to the public but not get sued. Well, now Ojai and his business partner Ed Meyer say they have found a loop hole and will be leaking the full Jennifer Lopez real honeymoon sex tapes very soon.

As soon as JLO found out that there was a legal problem that may not be blocking the leak of her tapes, she went straight to her attorneys and had them file a request to keep the videos under wraps as the copies are in court property.

Jennifer is no stranger to scandals as she had some video from back when she was a dancer leak that is said to be a very old sex tape when she was in her teens and hooked up with a producer.

Rumors report that she also had some trouble from an American Idol contestant that she supposedly hooked up with in LA that mysteriously disappeared thanks to the help of a great PR team and pit bull attorneys.