Oh No… Justin Bieber has been caught on film smoking some bud with his buds and the owner of the pictures is wanting to cash in according to the crew at TMZ that said they have seen them.

The photos of Justin and his bud Lil Za show the two casually passing the joint back and forth while hanging outside of a very nice L.A. home. Puff, Puff, Pass was the rule.

This will be the second set of pictures of the Bieb caught smoking, even after the Bieber crew said after last time “There will be no more cameras allowed around Justin & his buds”… Guess that did not work out well for them.

Our take on this is simple… Yeah he smokes, lets air that out there… If you ruled the world at his age wouldn’t you need some relaxation time yourself? Yeah us too ;)

Here is a video of Justin doing his thing: