Kanye West Deleted His Twitter and Instagram Yet Again Just Now!

Just like he did in 2017 Kanye West has just now deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts again, after being baraded with negativity for his support of MAGA.

Kanye has said that he’s traveling to Africa very soon to record music and complete his latest album. So, maybe he’s on his way and just doesn’t want any added distractions.

Though those close to him are claiming he is simply tired of seeing all the negativity on his social media accounts for his position in politics.

One close friend claims: “Kanye loves the people of America and feels is has tried to stay true to his heart to help open those minds that have been closed for so long. Look at how well everything is going with employment numbers and new business going up on the daily… I mean we are at a point even right now where there is more jobs than people, and that has not happened in god knows how long. Yet, he is being attacked every second. I think he just got tired of the negativity and attacks.”

Here is Kanye most recently after he claims to have used the wrong word when he said he wanted to “abolish” the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, and added … there’s a better way to change our Constitution.

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