The decade old Kim Kardashian sex tape video has seen a big boost in downloads, thanks to her husband Kanye West and his new music video scandal “Famous“.

Kanye has never held back that he loved watching his wifes sex tape before the couple hooked up, and now, yet again Kanye is playing the role of marketing genius implementing Ray J’s likeness in his new video.

Ray J though on the other hand, has been very vocal that “the video Kanye created was complete bull shit, and just another attempt for a no skill rapper to create controversy and generate membership to Tidal.” Adding that “Kim K should leave his ass while she still has a chance, before he brings her down with him in flames. Kim is a good girl, but Kanye is, and always has been a complete douche bag. Ask anyone around him, and they will confirm.”

Steve Hirsch with Vivid Celebs went on record confirming the spike on his end saying: “With all of the publicity that Kim K Superstar is getting in the coverage of ‘Famous,’ Vivid is seeing a spike in sales for the movie.” Adding: “We should hire Kanye as our Head of Marketing. He single handedly increased our sales by over 50 percent.”

The only problem that Vivid is having though according to sources, is that the sex tape has now hit the underground, and is available for full download from a lot of sites other than Vivid Ent., who some say is a complete rip off membership. Sources report that Vivid “tricks” you into signing up for the promo, you have to pay more to see the full video, the trial only offers you a glimpse of the tape and does not allow you to watch any others.” We have checked and confirmed the dollar trial does not allow you to watch the full video at this time. Yikes! Not good business practice, thus why we stopped that relationship long ago ourselves.

Either way, the sex tape of Kim is still the most download porno of all time, and has made her entire family gazillionairs, doing pretty good for Ray J as well. So, it seems, regardless of the amount of scandal surrounding the tape, Kim, Kanye and Ray J… they have all come out like bandits in the end. (pun intended)