Finally Kanye West’s new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is set to hit all major streaming services by midnight Friday according to Def Jam management.

Def Jam added that the release will be a continuous process and that in the months to come, Kanye will release new updates, new versions and new iterations of the album.

Record reports state the album has been streamed 400+ million times globally on Tidal, which would equal about 267,000 albums sold, making it the top-selling hip-hop album of 2016 so far.

Kanye West originally stated that the album would never be released outside of Tidal a company that he partly owns.

However as we can see the album will now be everywhere including Apple who Kanye says is the devil.

Our spies reached out to DJ White Shadow who put it like this: “Let’s not lose track of what is happening here. Kanye promised all fans that signed up on Tidal that his album would never be in stores and only available on the Tidal platform of which he owns with other well known artists. Now, whether or not that was a good idea, which I believe was not, he should stick to his original promise with fans, even if it has not made as much as he or others attached to the album think it should have made, due to the limited availability.”

West also said that every future GOOD Friday track will be made available exclusively on Tidal. Among the future offerings will be collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug, and apparently there are a lot of those:

It’s also worth noting that ticket holders for West’s Madison Square Garden event were promised downloads of the album to those involved, however those have not been seen as of yet.

DefJam has gone on record that the open market sales of the album are no joke, thank god, because Kanye can’t seem to figure out what the hell is going on with his own album and can’t seem to keep a promise.