Us Weekly reported about a secret Puma million dollar deal with young Kylie Jenner to promote their shoe brand along side other powerful celebs already on board like Rihanna. Unlike Riri though she will not have a specialized lineup but: “Kylie would be one of the faces of Puma’s athletic ware.” According to Puma reps.

Kanye was not up to speed on the issue at hand and at first when he heard about the deal being reported on by the media he denied there ever was a deal between Puma and Kylie because she is supposed to be 100% team Yeezy that was put together by Adidas and Kanye. However, after talking with Kim that did in fact find out Kylie had indeed signed some documents and accepted over $1M from Puma already he “freaked out” according to some within the Kanye circle.

Kanye took to Twitter like lightning posting the following:

Showbiz Spy reached out for comment from Kanye as we have his cell phone and you don’t (muhahaha) and here is what he says: “Man this was nothing more than some corporate slime balls trying to go around me all quite like to get my family going in a different direction. I have turned Puma down more times than I can count and they knew damn well how it was. So they decided to try and go around me to get it done. I ain’t having that type of s**t, you hear me. It ain’t going to go down like that. No one try’s to scam my family. I don’t care what kind of contract they (Puma) have, that s**t ain’t going to fly while I am alive.”

So in so many words, yeah Kanye is pissed that Puma tried to pull a quick one on a family member behind his back knowing Yeezy had an exclusive deal with Adidas.

Here is Kanye accepting the Yeezy Boost Shoe of the year award with Adidas in 2015:

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