Killer Mike Addresses Atlanta Protesters

Killer Mike, one half of the ever-loud “Run The Jewels” addressed the country Friday night, taking advantage of his booming voice and political prowess to collectively emphasize with those affected with disgust and anger over the recent George Floyd’s killing, however advising Atlanta residents “not to burn down their homes.”

Killer Mike stated his qualms at a press conference featuring Atlanta Mayor; Keisha Lance Bottoms reprimanding rioters for wrecking parts of Atlanta. Mike kicked off his address by stating how much he did NOT want to be there at the time but felt it was his duty to speak his words of reason.

His message was brisk, saying “The other day I woke up and wanted to burn the world down because I am tired of seeing black men die, but realized it’s not the solution.” As for what his solution is simply “plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize.”

Killer Mike has always had his hand in the pot of politics, of course always refreshing to see Mike speak out for the suppressed voices in these trying times. Killer Mike’s and El-P’s newest album RTJ 4 is due to release on all platforms June 5th 2020.

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