Les Claypool and Sean Lennon Team Up for Duo

“The Claypool Lennon Delirium” debuted their first song “Cricket and the Genie” featuring bass and vocals from the Primus frontman while Lennon sings and plays a number of instruments.

The duo’s tunes are described by Rolling Stone as a  “raw, proggy, psych-pop, suite.”

“One thing I think folks will be surprised by is what a monster of a guitar player Sean is,” Claypool says. “Not only does he have technical ability, but also the sounds that come out of his rig tend to be pretty bent and compelling. His DNA definitely shines through, though it isn’t just his father’s musical sensibilities that he reflects but also his mother’s abstract perspective, which to me, makes for a glorious freak stew.”

Of the project, Lennon told Rolling Stone:

“Like many musicians of my generation I was heavily into Primus. So when Les asked the GOASTT to come on tour we were all thrilled. Little did I know but this would lead to a bizarre and otherworldly collaboration in musical mycology at Les’ aboraceous compound. It’s been an honor and a challenge playing with someone of Les’ caliber, but luckily the Gods of Pinot Noir shone favorably down and granted us a bundle of devilish tunes about monkeys, outer space and sexual deviancy. The Claypool Lennon Delirium will (gently) melt your face with heart-pounding low-frequency oscillations and interdimensional guitar squeals. We look forward to seeing you very soon.”

Personally, the track reminds me of a wicked tri-fecta of “Willy Wonka” meets “Sgt. Pepper” and “Edward Sissorhands” and well, given the sources, that makes perfect sense, now doesn’t it? Super interesting stuff coming from these guys, can’t wait to hear more!

The duo is set to perform at the 2016 Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee on June 11th.

Until then, take a listen to “Cricket and the Genie” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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