Wow… that took a long time… Lil Wayne’s attorneys have officially filed a cease and desist letter to hsk hip hop celebrity blog that also owns hskxxx a straight up porn site that they intermingle with the blog that leaked the footage of Lil Wayne rocking nothing but his socks with the strippers.

We looked into it and sure enough like a lot of blogs do they used the legit celeb blog to drive traffic to their porn site… Reminds us a lot of the way that Break, Gawker and Ranker has their stuff set up doing the same type of deal all the time and even partnering with adult companies to make affiliate cash off of their posts. After looking into that a bit more there is a ton of main stream media sites doing the same thing, they basically separate themselves from the porn side but still make money off of it by mentioning and linking to said porn. We have always wondered about TMZ and Vivid doing the same thing as anytime there is sex tape talk normally TMZ is mentioning Vivid Ent or having Steve on as a guest. See people even sites you think are safe for work and not related to the porn industry in some form or fashion usually are! Oh, and if you want to watch the Lil Wayne sex tapes you can do so here. See how that works ;) LOL!

Lil Wayne was asked about the tape recently by local paparazzi and he replied: “I ain’t mad at them but that s**t was not right and them bitches will never be invited back to my casa again.” No word yet on if his attorneys will seek damages from either the girls or the site that leaked his leaked sex tape.