Oh boy, here we go… the critics are going crazy over the new Rihanna in collaboration with Drake single titled ‘WORK’ leaked this morning via Twitter at 8am.

Critics and social media is going nuts about how horrible it is in both beat and lyrics saying: “Nothing more than a lazy attempt to put money in the bank”, “Biggest piece of crap, Rihanna has done in some time”, “RiRi need to put the pipe down”, “Are you serious with this crap” and it goes on and on.

This is kinda sad for us as Rihanna just this last year said she wants to work harder to give her music more meaning and wants to put out an album that would go down in history. Unfortuanitly according to the public if this single is any indacation as to the rest of the album, it could go down in history as the worst ever!

Here is the Tweet:

Here is the Lyrics (that are… let’s be real here, pretty bad):

Yikes, Looks to us like RiRi put this song together while taking a dump or something. Check Please!