No rapper can rap quite like he can, but has LL Cool J thrown down a challenge to other rappers by promising to “massacre the rap game?” LL Cool J, short for Ladies Love Cool J, the stage name for James Todd Smith, 48, has been in the rap game since ’85 when he released “Radio” as the first album on Def Jam records. According to a story on HipHopdx.com LL is quoted as saying,

“What I’m going to do is make something for [the fans].” “And what it’s gonna do is, it’s going to change the game because a lot of people are getting away with 25-point games right now and they need someone to drop 50 on ‘em. This sh*t is crazy to me!”

Though he doesn’t give any specific names there’s plenty of rappers that come to mind who have over-inflated egos and mediocre rhymes.

Recently, LL stopped by the Beats 1 show to hang with Rap’s first Billionaire, Dr. Dre. LL not only hung out, he stepped up to the mic and did a live drop on the show! Folks loved it, and it seems LL has gotten bit by the bug and is heading back into the studio.

Some thought LL already retired from rap without an official announcement. His last album, Authentic came out in 2013. It wasn’t his best work and may have proven just how distracted one gets when juggling rapping and acting. In a tweet that has now been deleted, LL announced he was retiring from music on Tuesday.

“Today I officially retired from music, Thank you for the love.”

Had LL been alone in his room, staring at the wall and in the back of his mind, did he hear his conscious call, telling him he needed to retire?! Fans on Twitter reacted quickly. A short time later, he tweeted that he was “un-retiring” and announced he was heading to the studio at 8pm. The tweets had everyone wondering, “Is this for real?” or “Is this for publicity?” We’re not sure but based on a previous twitter rant the message may have been directed towards “haters,” and maybe even those folks that thought he was washed up and already retired.

He later tweeted a picture of himself captioned, “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #FOCUS”

We’ll stay “focused” on the latest from LL and keep you up to date on release dates, album titles, and all other things LL.

LL Cool J can be seen weekly on NCIS: Los Angeles, and as host of Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV. LL has released 13 studio albums, 2 greatest hits, has starred in numerous films, and has been an 11-time host of The Grammy Awards. In January LL received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here is one of the songs that put LL on the map. In it he addresses his retirement. “Never retire, or put my mic on the shelf, the baddest rapper in the history of rap itself.” Later he goes on to say, “When I retire I’ll be worship like an old battleship.”