Ok people… Miley Cyrus just went on record with local paparazzi that rumors of the Miley Cyrus leaked sex tape videos are real and they are about as nasty as they come.

Miley recently got stopped by paparazzi in LA asking about the sex tape rumors and she replied: “Patrick and I have several very good sex tapes, we like to film ourselves and then watch them later and then we get horny watching them and do it all over again… We have a bit of a rinse and repeat thing going and it works!”

The only problem in all of this is that David with reports: “Even though Miley has claimed they are the real deal and Patrick confirms, as of right now regardless of what the Google search results show, there is in fact no real sex tapes of Miley that can be authenticated.” We then did a little search for ourselves and sure as s**t the results are from sites that straight up lie about having the real full tapes of Miley and Patrick. We then asked why the search results look as though they do and the guys replied: “It is all about traffic, the sites at the top have popular porn sites that rank for pretty much anything and they know that. If they say they have it Google will place them at the top because they consider them authority sites… Little do they know this is providing a bad user experience as the sites are showing nothing but bull s**t just to drive traffic and increase ad revenue, it is well known in the adult industry that celebrity sex tapes do very well and are searched daily by hundreds of thousands of people. They are not dumb, just taking advantage”

Miley was also a victim of the hacking scandal in 2014 that leaked several nude photos/videos of the mega celeb. She was asked by media how she felt and replied: “I could care less.” Short and sweet. We have to believe Miley as she seems to really not care about being nude in private or public as damn near every day a new photo or video shows up with her not wearing anything and showing the goods.