Nicki Minaj is getting back to what she does best, making deals and music after her break up from Meek Mill. And to all those tabloids that have been saying Meek and Nicki are going to be getting back together? I hate to say we told you so, but yet again we did, and now that our girl is back with the Young Money crew, there is no way Meek will be in the picture again.

The massive hip hop war between Nicki, Meek and Drake seems to be over after Nicki took picks with her at one time best buddy, Drake.

A Young Money source tell TMZ that Drake saw an NFL Network segment on January 8 that featured Lil Wayne and Nicki. Drake then immediately called label honcho Mack Maine, and said … “Why didn’t you tell me the family is back?”

Drake and Nicki haven’t spoken since they recorded “Truffle Butter” in 2014. She purposely stayed on the sidelines during his beef with then bf Meek Mill.

Drake went on to tell peeps that he never wants to hear about the beef with Nicki ever again, and if anyone mentioned it in anyway they can “kick rocks”, then posted a pic of the two reunited.


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Nicki really has not done much since she has been with Meek, and now that the original crew is back together, look for big things to come from the original crew again.

As far as Meek Mill goes, sources are saying that he has been showing his some of his close friends naughty sex videos and nude pics of Nicki, and has told them that if she pisses him off “this shit goin’ viral”. We are not sure what could piss Meek off more than the thought of his ex hooking back up with his nemesis, so there is that.