Oh snap! Looks like The Game may be breaking out his trump card as new video said to be the Nicki Minaj sex tape porn video hit social media yesterday.

Tabloid sites where linking to a Facebook video allegedly showing some or all of Nicki Minaj’s sex tape with The Game, but as expected Facebook removed the video in milliseconds. However, as we all know, once a video hits the web it is there for good and there is no undoing it.

TMZ also recently reported that the entire beef and video post, could have been because of a robbery back in June involving Sean Kingston. “Kingston got smashed in the head with a bottle and then the attackers snatched a $300k chain off his neck. Both Game and Meek were in the club that evening. The Game believes Meek dropped a dime on him to Kingston’s people (snitching), and told them Game or someone in his crew was involved in the heist.” Onstage in Miami most recently in front of a huge sold out crowd, The Game strongly hinted that investigators questioned him about the crime.

Meek Mill was said to have went absolutely ape shit though when, Game started taunting him on social media with brutal text and images with Nicki Minaj, like this one:

Word is that Meek Mill was furious with Nicki Minaj for “fu#$ing with that broke ass ni**a”, something that she has denied to Meek Mill in the past. We think Meek Mill is more upset because of the known unusual size of Games penis, very well known in the hip hop community. He has also been said to have slept with thousands of very famous women, including a hint that he has laid all 3 of the Kardashian sisters.

This is of course not the first video scandal that has been said to show Nicki Minaj nude or having sex… She has also been said to have a video from way back in the day, and also of course the nude shower video from a few years ago. So even though a confirmed sex tape with The Game is simply awesome, there is already some good stuff said to be Nicki out there that the public feels is the real deal. We will see how this feud plays out, something tells us though, it is going to get real nasty.

Nicki has not made a peep of the beef between Meek and The Game and has refused to comment when asked in public, sources have confirmed though that Meek is truly pissed off and super jealous of Game. As he should be. LOL!