One of T.I.’s Exotic Dancers ‘Zylah’ At Club V Live in Atlanta Set To Be Stripper Millionaire

It’s a no wounder exotic dancers from around the nation were breaking down doors to audition for a gig as an exotic dancer for T.I., and his new hot spot strip club in Atlanta Club V Live. One of the “popular” girls called Zylah is said to be on track to make several million in her first year with the club, and 80% of the girls are all on track for 7 figure years.

Girls at the club can average tipping from wealthy drooling men of over $30k per night. In fact, on Sunday night alone Zylah was rumored to rake in over $40k after some NBA players came in with racks of dollar bills.

T.I. knew when he was approached about investing in the club making the move from Houston, that it was a cash cow waiting to be tapped. T.I. said: “I was approached about investing in the club, after looking at the financials, I could not turn away from the opportunity to be a part of something big for the ATL.”

Fun fact: The most Googled job in Atlanta is “Stripper”

In an interview with Zylah, she told our spies: “I am just so blessed that T.I. and Damon Cobbs gave me the chance to be a part of all of this. I am such a lucky woman to be dancing for such great men in the best city in the world.”

Zylah was one of only 80 girls that landed the gig out of over 2000 applicants.

Here is some videos about the club: