The “Panda” rapper still made a concert after his arrest on gun and drug charges that could have landed him in prison for 5-10 years. His legal team of Stacey Richman and Ian Niles say “it’s an outrage he was charged with carrying a loaded gun, when no gun was ever found and he never had one in the SUV. A driver of another car told cops Desiigner had a gun, and they took it at face value. His legal team goes on to explain it is equally indignant over the drug charges, saying: “all of the pills found in the car were legal prescriptions written by a doctor for the SUV driver and that Desiigner didn’t even know there were schedule 2 drugs in the car.”

The D.A. has gone ahead and dismissed the weapons charge and the charge of intent to sell drugs. He’s still charged with possession of a controlled schedule 2 substance (prescription drugs). Desiigner is still charged with criminal menacing for allegedly waiving a firearm, yet authorities now concede there was no gun and the individual that claimed he waived a gun at them is very suspect. The legal team ends this way… “It’s time to embrace the true narrative of a young black man enjoying his success and working hard for a prosperous career.”

Desiigner also said to our spies at his most recent concert, that: “while in the police station two of the detectives talking with officers where trying to figure out all options for charges, even at times just making stuff up and laughing about it.”

He took to social media quickly to let fans know that the entire process was complete bull shit and that “They (police) Tried”:

THEY TRIED….. ?????????????

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If you are unsure of who Desiigner is, this is the song that really put him on the map and Kanye West is his producer.