Oh Snap! The dumbest dude award now officially goes to Patrick Schwarzenegger for cheating on Miley Cyrus… Congratulations your an idiot!

Patrick was vacationing without Miley and ended up doing body shots, kissing and dancing with the un-known chick in the photos getting drunk as you possibly can and then the two make a b-line for the closest motel room arm in hand. So, we have all been on spring break and anyone with half a brain can see where this went.

The craziest thing like TMZ mentioned is Miley and Patrick looked great together just last week when they went to dinner together and friends where saying they where close to tying the knot together and have discussed it many times. Well, we are sure Miley is now second guessing that thought… I know we would be.

Patrick later stated that the girl in the photos was a best friends girlfriend and he would never cheat on his girlfriend… oh come on man we see those puppy dog eyes looking at you and then you guys disappear in the hotel… Yeah right… Admit it you were impaired and messed up… BIG TIME!

I guess this means no more Patrick and Miley Cyrus leaked sex tapes? Bummer!

Stay tuned on this little cheating scandal as we bet it is going to get real good.

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